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Building a business to survive and thrive in a Junk Status economy

By Pavlo Phitidis

The recent downgrade of South Africa’s credit rating to Junk Status will have a dramatic effect on our economy changing our socio-economic environment and introducing new challenges to business survival. This week, on The Money Show with Arabile Gumede we considered what this downgrade means for growing businesses, and looked at ways you can adapt to not just survive these circumstances, but thrive beyond it:

Going Digital to Increase Your Business Valuation

By Pavlo Phitidis

Very often, the bigger your company, the longer it takes for you to innovate. Agile small businesses can, propel their growth by adopting workable technologies, that lead them towards solving customer problems accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively. This leads towards freeing up time, money and effort within the business and ultimately, enables growth. Freed from the shackles of bureaucracy and slow systems, you can digitize elements of your business to accelerate growth and value.

How do you measure an Asset of Value - A quick podcast Episode 2

By Pavlo Phitidis

Time stretched, on-the-go and always doing too many things at once can make us forget why we, as business owners do what we do. Here is a series of podcasts that will remind us that we should all, definitively, single-mindedly be building our businesses into an Asset of Value. What is it, how do we measure it, how do we build a business into an Asset of Value and more is consolidated into a series of 8 episodes.

Episode two: if you can't measure it, you can manage it. The three levers that you can build to measure and maximise your Asset of Value?

How are you building your business? Why do you do what you do? Build it into an Asset of Value and start today. Should you need some help, direction or certainty, Aurik will help you get it done in 24 months.