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How not taking action at the right time can lead your business to failure

By Pavlo Phitidis

Your appetite for action, or tendency towards inaction, will save or sink your business. This week, on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we delved into how you can change the destiny of your business, and your future as a business owner, when faced with change:

Build Your Business with these 5 Habits

Welcome to 2018! A whole year ahead, to plan, implement, and prosper. I hope you had a great break, and were able to gain a little perspective on your business, while spending time with your family and friends. Looking ahead to the year, it’s time to look at ways you can build your business into a better, stronger, and bigger, machine this year. On this week’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we uncovered 5 key habits that’ll help you build your business in 2018:

Building a positive frame of mind and action in a negative environment

By Pavlo Phitidis

We live in unstable times, and a brief look at the news headlines is almost always disheartening. Constant exposure to the news, along with a teetering economy, can make you feel deflated, frustrated, and ready to give up as a business owner. Worse still, whenever good news does seem to hit the headlines, it often ends up twisted or tainted. This week, on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we discussed what to do when you’re feeling despondent, by examining seven traits of successful business owners.

Building or breaking your brand and company value through reputation

By Pavlo Phitidis

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been shocked by the news, as McKinsey, SAP, KPMG, Bell Pottinger and so many others, have hit the headlines with significant reputation-related crises. It only seems fitting then, that we chatted this week on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield about building, or breaking, your brand, through reputation. As Warren Buffet’s 2014 memo to Berkshire management said: 

“We can afford to lose money, even a lot of it. But we can’t afford to lose reputation, even a shred of it.

Here are a few actions you can take to both build and avoid hurting your brand.

Create more time in your business to focus on growth

By Pavlo Phitidis

Time is our most precious resource, but it seems like we never have enough of it. The second entrepreneur Aurik ever gave guidance to, was a bakery business owned by a 54-year old man, who had initiated the company at 27. It was highly successful, but he’d not been able to focus on its strategic growth because all his time was tied up in operations. Fourteen years after we rebuilt the business with him, it now creates more than a Billion Rands’ worth of business.

Effective goal setting builds relentless growth momentum

By Pavlo Phitidis

Building a business has very little to do with taking over the world. Instead, it has everything to do with adhering to a clear plan that enables you to build towards the future.

Fighting qualities that build great businesses

By Pavlo Phitidis

For entrepreneurs, adopting the art of fighting is imperative, because building a business is a fight. Recently, I’ve watched as more and more people, and business owners, step up and start fighting for the future they want. Professional fighters know, however, that the act of fighting isn’t a raw spark of rage. To win, fighters must have courage, strategy, tenacity and an insatiable will to succeed. It is the same for entrepreneurs, who need to care about every aspect of their company, be creative at every turn, and remain courageous throughout their business journey. 

On this week’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Ray White stepped in for Bruce, and we dug into the fighting qualities that build a business:

Get with the Aurik programme to ensure company growth

Business owners are bracing themselves for tough economic times with SA’s downgrade to junk status and a gradual economic decline, but what can we do to position ourselves to weather the economic storms ahead? We have a track record of helping businesses weather tough times and we have learnt a few things along the way. From goal-setting to adding new tools and getting to know your customer, we will help you put your business on the road to growth.

How to avoid a horror story when buying software for your business

Technology is both a driver and frustration for every person and business. Every business no matter what business you are in is now a technology business. On a lighter scale, it's about emails and software programs that support your team.

In a competitive environment you need to use tech to give you an advantage and set yourself apart. You cannot avoid the use of technology. Regardless of the type of business environment you work in you must embrace and engage with technology correctly.

How to get the right employees to build your business into an Asset of Value

By Pavlo Phitidis

Tough economic times mean that unemployment is rife. But, as a growing business owner, you’ve noticed that it seems near impossible to find the right kind of people for your company. Unfortunately, the most skilled and best people often cling to the safety net of their current jobs. As the owner of a developing business, finding the right people, at the right time, to join your company and help it grow towards being an asset of value, is critical.

This week, on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we talked about the right way to hire the right people for your business:

Insights from Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods to build our own businesses

By Pavlo Phitidis  

Online digital retailer, Amazon spent $13. 7 billion to buy 401 brick-and-mortar Wholefoods grocery stores! Why? Has Amazon lost faith in its business model because it doesn’t make any money? Or, is there a bigger plan at play? What can we take out of this to build our own business better, faster and smarter! This week, on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, on Radio 702 and Cape Talk interrogated and diagnosed the take-outs that we can apply to grow our business faster and smarter.

Kushesh Express, achieving rapid growth in a competitive environment

Kushesh loosely translates to “very quick” and is a fitting name for courier company Kushesh Trading, which services the distribution needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Its passion and pride for the quality of service that it provides has helped it become one of the fastest-growing courier companies in South Africa.

Learning Resilience, to Build your Business during Tough Times

Simply reading the news headlines can be downright distressing, and government’s lack of adequate response towards corruption can leave us feeling hopeless. As business owners and active citizens, however, it’s vital to learn and build resilience, so we can survive – and thrive beyond – the tough times. Now’s the time to build your business in new ways, but to do that you’ll need to learn to stay resilient, no matter how tough the economic environment. On this week’sThe Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we laid out a plan for building resilience within yourself, and your business:

Part 1: Big business commitments to small business with the launch of the BLSA

I attended the launch of Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA) – which is headed by former Shell CEO Bonang Mohale – last week. It was an exciting event which gives a big business position on building our country.


The BLSA has a big, shiny building in Sandton in the heart of big business, but chose the Alexandra Recreation Centre on the East Bank for its launch. It was a poignant move because the message about the role of business in society could not have been better delivered than in that location and environment.

Part 2: How to protect your growing business from big business theft

The tender trap


After the launch of the BLSA, and the commitments made by big business to entrepreneurs, it sparked a train of thought about the intentions of big business in the tendering process.


It got me thinking that over the last year, many entrepreneurs have spoken to me about tenders and the tender procedures from public and private big business that were issued, but not implemented. Why is this? Could it be because of flexing budgets? After all, operational needs do change.

Play to your strengths – how the epic Mayweather-McGregor fight can take your business to the next level

Undefeated welterweight world champion Floyd Mayweather Jnr met mixed martial arts world champion Conor McGregor in Las Vegas for the bout titled “The Money Fight”. The fight surpassed the all-time pay-per-view record with 6 500 000 buys. Mayweather reportedly earned more than R4 billion from the fight and McGregor took home R1.3 billion. The winner stuck to his game while McGregor went into an area where his investment in time, training and practice were only 30% relevant.

Aurik’s CEO, Pavlo Phitidis says the fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has a number of lessons for small business owners. Let’s take a look at this exciting showdown and what we as entrepreneurs can take away from this.

Small Business Venture Capital Investments: What You Should Know

Section 12J investment funds are an attractive option for investors. When first created during the mid-1990s as part of the Income Tax Act, Section 12J was a well-intended, but unwieldly, piece of legislation. During 2010, we gathered collaborators – including SAICA, the Banking Council, SAVCA, and more, to work on re-engineering the legislation. Eventually, amendments to Section 12J were gazetted and, nowadays, it’s hugely improved. On this week’sThe Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we outlined the ins and outs of Section 12J and put together some guidelines for how you can spot the good, and the bad, small business venture capital investment opportunities:

The Asset of Value Strategy Series

Welcome to the Asset of Value Series. As part of the Nedbank Business Accelerator Campaign with 702 this year, our CEO Pavlo Phitidis, had the opportunity of producing a podcast series to help successful, established entrepreneurs get to the next level. We do this by giving business owners like yourself the opportunity to share your stories and insights, and in turn, we work with you as the business owner to drive key changes necessary to accelerate your business. In the Asset of value series, we explore your journey to building your business into an Asset of Value.