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A Succession Planning Strategy for Your Business

The resignation of Robert Mugabe and the current race for power within the ANC have highlighted the importance of succession planning within the political landscape, but just how important is it for your business? Statistically, just 28% of succession plans end up being truly successful. On this week’sThe Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we considered the all-important questions you need to ask of yourself, and of your business, when creating a succession planning strategy for your business:

Breakfast Business Growth & Acceleration Event

Why do only 27% of businesses succeed in moving from one generation to the next? And whats even scarier, is that only 7,2% get successfully transferred to the third generation!

Avoiding being on the wrong side of these statistics even though the odds are against you!

Come join us and get insights into what goes wrong, why it goes wrong and most importantly, what can be done to prevent succession going wrong. Starting off with a breakfast, good coffee, followed by a talk and discussion and ending with networking with fellow entrepreneurs and business owners, you should not miss it. 

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