Since inception, we have worked with over 400 business owners to build their businesses into Assets of Value. These businesses have included manufacturing and service business over a wide range of industries and stages of their business development.

  • "The tools we were given by Aurik are so easy to use and gave us the necessary structure and methodology to market our business."

    Gubhani Trading

  • "The sessions were insightful and helped identify areas of weakness that we could turn into growth."

    Fastener Agencies

  • "The experience was eye-opening and really got me thinking. Aurik was excellent and completely understood my business."


  • "Our Aurik facilitator has a wealth of knowledge: I could listen for hours. Our discussions on the future of our business were invaluable."

    Aqua Pump (Pty) Ltd

  • “The Aurik programme was insightful and interesting. Now I understand the need for robust systems in my business.”

    The Bespoke Amenities Company

  • “I learned a lot as a person, and have a growth strategy for my business. The Aurik facilitator was easy to relate to and had time to listen."

    Z-Zone Event Solutions

  • “It was a really great indicator on the strengths and pitfalls of a business where interpersonal relationships come into play.”

    Rectron - Francois Rheeders

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What business challenges do you face?

Here are some examples of the issues we have dealt with:

  • Family Businesses & Partnerships

    Family relationships and long standing partnerships present unique challenges. The Aurik approach is empathetic but guided by clear measurable business objectives. These are some of the problems are entrepreneurs have faced.

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  • Business Risks

    The constantly changing environment faced by entrepreneurs means that their business could change overnight. The Aurik process changes how a business is built to have the necessary structure, forecasting tools and agility to survive and take advantage of any unexpected changes. Some of the risks faced by our entrepreneurs are:

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  • Cash flow & funding

    Few entrepreneurs haven’t faced difficulties with cash flow and funding at some stage. Aurik works with businesses to address these issues some of which include:

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  • People problems

    Staff and people are often the most quoted “headaches” of entrepreneurs. Aurik works with business owners to build their businesses in a way that revenue is generated as a result of systems and not individuals and where the right people with clear roles and responsibilities are employed. Some of the people challenges we’ve dealt with include:

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  • Strategy & Growth & Profitability

    All entrepreneurs reach a point where they need assistance whether they own a small or very big business. Aurik works with entrepreneurial business owners to accelerate growth and improve profitability with the sole purpose of growing your business into an Asset of Value. Some of the challenges we’ve dealt with included:

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  • Chaos, Exhaustion & Inspiration

    Entrepreneurs work harder than almost anyone else but often get to a point when they battle to see the way forward. They may know what they need to do but the road is lonely, overwhelming and at times, daunting. Aurik understands this and has assisted business owners who find themselves with the following problems:

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  • Business exits and sales

    Aurik works with entrepreneurs to build their businesses into an Asset of Value. One of the key features of an asset of value is that of a day, should the entrepreneur choose to, it can be sold for a premium price. We’ve worked with entrepreneurs who found themselves with the following challenges:

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  • Starting out

    The way an entrepreneur runs their business at the outset is not always appropriate for growth and profitability. Working with Aurik in a practical, goal-oriented manner allows businesses to get out of survival mode and move forward to the next stage of the growth curve. Some of our entrepreneurs faced the following challenges.

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Any of these familiar to you?

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