Aurik entrepreneur self-assessment test: converting new business leads into real sales

Self-assessment test:

Converting new business leads into real sales

Ask yourself the questions listed below and think carefully about your answers in order to make an accurate assessment on whether or not you are growing your business into a saleable asset.

  1. Do I have three or more active lead generation campaigns underway all the time?
  1. Does each campaign have a logical sequence of activities from start to finish?
  1. Can I easily measure each of these campaigns?
  1. Do I have an articulated story telling selling system around my products and services for my marketing (creating the expectation) and sales (delivering an experience) efforts?
  1. Are my marketing and sales staff members trained to tell this story?
  1. Are they delivering my business’s desired customer experience consistently?
  1. Can I measure the conversion of leads into sales in a monthly report?

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