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The Discipline of Focus 

By Marcus Visser

Martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, once said; “the successful warrior is the average man, with laser focus.” This saying is especially true in a time when the whole world suffers from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). For the entrepreneur, this level of focus can mean the difference between spinning your wheels and never gaining traction or your business taking off.

Multitasking is not focusing

The problem with focus is that it takes discipline and demands that you are doing one thing at a time, to complete what you started before moving on to other pressing needs. For the average entrepreneur, this is never an easy task, we always have 10 or more other issues to attend to, some of them urgent and others that can wait and ends up on the never ending pile of tasks to action. Because of these demands on our time, we have begun to believe the fallacy that we can multitask, but the very nature of multitasking demands that we dilute our capacity to think and act by trying to do more than one thing at a time. 

Focus and strategy are the same

One often wonders how much time is wasted in a day by those who are not focused. It is also safe to say that a business that lacks focus will lack direction and purpose. Focus, in the world of business, can work like an amplifier in helping one to achieve great success. The fanatical focus of great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk is legendary, where would Apple be today without the insane focus of Steve Jobs? A business that has focus knows where it's heading and what it needs to achieve to be considered successful. The opposite to focus is being distracted; how many businesses out there are being distracted away from its mission and core competencies by the promise of opportunity? 

Eating our own lunch

At Aurik we have learned to focus on what makes us great and produces results for our clients. We know who we are and what our clients need from us, we dare not try to be all things to all men; our focus can be summarized in a few words; “building assets of value.” Everything that distracts from this is the enemy, no matter how great the promise of reward may be if it does not help us deliver on our mission to build assets of value we will reject it immediately. 

Whats on your plate

What is your business busy focusing on? What makes you great and indispensable to your clients? Are you focused on this and this alone? All the successful companies in the world will focus on 2-3 things at the most, the really great companies tends to focus on one thing alone. 

One of the things that we help our clients with is to regain their focus in their business, we support our clients to help them focus on why they are in business and then build the systems of delivery they need that also helps them to remain focused. Visit our website to learn more about our focus; building your business into an asset of value.