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How to avoid a horror story when buying software for your business

Technology is both a driver and frustration for every person and business. Every business no matter what business you are in is now a technology business. On a lighter scale, it's about emails and software programs that support your team.

In a competitive environment you need to use tech to give you an advantage and set yourself apart. You cannot avoid the use of technology. Regardless of the type of business environment you work in you must embrace and engage with technology correctly.

Using legacy our outdated technology will keep you back. With no way to tell who your stock levels are, find trends in what customers are buying. Without the data you are left to make decisions based on gut feelings.

Research has shown that consolidated data to analyse a topic will outdo the industry expert every time. This highlights the need for business data to make rational business decisions. This removes the emotions and bias from big decisions you may make as the data is impartial.

Understand your business needs, understand the available technology.

When applying a piece of software or technology to your business it is important to ensure it is adapted to fit your business needs.  

Technology has a way of evolving around us and tech terms like AI, ML and VL have arrived quite quickly but you need to find out what AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) mean, and may mean to your business. A great example is the building industry, in this space VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are already being used by certain firms, who surpass their competitors that don't know how to leverage this to visualise their designs.  

The accessibility and cost of technology now make it more accessible to small businesses, leaving no excuse for not adopting new technology into your business.

Decide to develop or buy your technology.

Software is the easiest discussion to have, you need to decide if you are buying or developing software. But regardless of this decision, first layout the steps or the process manually. This manual process has to work before you can apply it to a piece of technology. Use this manual process to spec out your future software. In this process you will have to develop your understanding of technology. How software is built out in either an agile or waterfall approach is important, but your involvement is also highly necessary to ensure you get what you want. Removing yourself from the process may be a costly mistake. Create the minimal viable product (MVP) or version of the software, ensuring that works before you move onto the next element.

Select your solutions provider that has commercial capabilities and understand why the piece of software is being built. But regardless of the supplier or development team, be involved everyday until your project is complete. It is a tedious and risky process that if done correctly is a vital business game changer but when done wrong, is an expensive side project.

Protect yourself in the process:

  1. Skill up on the types of tools and platforms available
  2. Map out your process manually first and test it before speccing the software
  3. Be involved in the process.

If you want to drive business growth or optimisation through business systems, please chat to us at Aurik about your plans, we are here to help.

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