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Turn 2018’s Exhaustion into 2019’s Business Acceleration

Turn 2018’s Exhaustion into 2019’s Business Acceleration

Year-end fatigue is setting in - 2018 has been a tough year emotionally, economically, and physically. But that’s not much different to previous years. The opportunity to energise now, for the new year ahead, is also exactly the same. Don’t let year-end fatigue weigh you down - it’s time to gear up and forge ahead. On The Money Show, with Ray White standing for Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo Phitidis shows us how to turn 2018’s exhaustion into 2019’s business acceleration:.

Guard against collective remedies

Breaking the cycle of year-end fatigue starts with you. Holidays give you time to rest, and enable you to think more effectively. It’s essential to take a holiday, but there is a difference between a holiday break and a momentum break.

Don’t let your holiday break your businesses momentum

Mostly, holidays break the momentum of your business. This places you on the back foot from January and, to get going again, you have to start the engine from scratch. Guard against breaking the momentum of your business, by keeping the engine running over the holiday. This is best achieved in a business that has an effective system of delivery. Whilst you may now be focused on delivery of your products and services, your sales and marketing ‘engines’ should still be running and, in fact, accelerating.

Lock and load for 2019: deliver and sell

It’s extremely common for businesses to focus their ‘year-end rush’ on delivery, with minimal attention paid to sales. This leads to a downturn in productivity and profit in the early parts of a new year. Instead, focus on both delivery and sales, by actively working on your customer and supplier relationships. Strategise with your sales team to secure meetings for early 2019 in the midst of all your customers feeling exhausted. This is their sale, not pushing products or services, but rather securing time in diaries for January 2019.

Rid yourself of blame

It’s a good time to reflect on the year gone by when you are exhausted. That reflection might make you feel a bit defeated, given the socio-political and economic environment that we live in. But that’s where it must stop. Blaming external factors that you have no control over, for poor growth in your business ,only serves to weaken and diminish you. Everything beyond your control is a fiction. Act with, and work on, what you have control over. Your attitude will define your behaviour, and lead to the results you’ll see within your business. Think about it now when you are tired, and write it down, so that you can remember after your year-end break. Start 2019 in full control of your destiny and business growth.

Position yourself to become supremely intelligent

Business owners like you might be planning to study further in 2019, in the hopes that adding a new qualification to your CV will somehow positively affect your business. Studying and learning, of course, helps you to build your business, but the smartest business owners I’ve met are the ones who care deeply about their business, and show it by paying keen attention to every aspect of it. They believe in it and use their passion to learn more about what they do. Combining their idealism and pragmatism, these business owners build their own knowledge base and intelligence. Intelligence of this kind puts you in control of yourself and your business.

Ring Fence your attention, brain, action

Staying focused is difficult, but not impossible. Focus in on your own business and avoid the noise and distractions that come at you from outside of it. Start making decisions about where you want your business to be next year. Act on those decisions and put plans in place to follow through. Act now, eliminate ambivalence, and make it work. If you don’t start 2019 with clarity, confidence and certainty in action, it will turn out to be the same as 2018 and 2017.

Use your exhaustion and vulnerability to self-reflect

Large corporates call in consultants to help them set strategies for their next year of business - you can do the same, albeit a little differently. Now’s a good time to chat to friends, colleagues, and trusted peers, asking them about how they view your business, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Set a strategy that enables you play to your strengths, and get the help you need on your weaknesses, so that you can continue to build your Asset of Value. You can never get back time, so set yourself up now, to start 2019 differently to how you started 2018.

Building your business into an Asset of Value is not something you have to do alone. Aurik can help. We’ll help you set and implement a strategy for the new year ahead.

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