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Building a brand through a branch network

This week Pavlo Phitidis talks about building your brand by building a branch network. Listen to the full podcast here.

Building a brand by building a branch network to offer the products and services of the brand is a justified growth strategy for a business that is location based. A good example of the type of business where this works may be a coffee shop. When you reach a point when your monthly cash flows are pretty consistent you'll likely need to open another one in another location to grow your brand. The most important thing is to be consistent in your offering.

A brand is more than a logo, its more than a payoff line. It’s an impression and an experience and this goes beyond product. If you cannot maintain this consistently, you are going to fragment your brand and break your business. The consistency of customer experience is essential.

A good analogy is like how your muscles move, how electricity flows through a wire and synapses in your brain to form thought processes. Misaligned electrons and fibers interrupt the flow of a consistent muscle movement.

Building a branch network to build your brand requires systems to ensure that each, every activity that adds towards creating the experience is adhered to each and every time.

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