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Digitising your business

Digitisation is converting information into a digital format – but why is it important?

Listen to the show here. But why is digitisation important for small business?

  1. Survival – you have to remain relevant. A good example is the Yellow Pages – Google has made them completely irrelevant.
  2. Scale – it enables you to grow with managed cost and managed chaos
  3. People – do higher order work to attract the right culture and talent

Practically, the process involves 5 steps

Setting Sail

Go back to the basics

  • Decide what your business is all about.
  • Decide why you do what you do.
  • Decide who your customers are.
  • Define the experience that they want to have problems solved and would on that basis want you


  • Build your business systems to deliver that experience
  • Do it manually
  • Involve your team and customers
  • Let them see it
    • Let them be part of it
    • Let them own it

Identify the 1st digitisation work

  • Start with the worst work (the horrible admin that everyone hates)
  • Wins over employees
  • The cheapest piece to digitise
  • Builds experience and confidence
  • Wins over finance and weakens the “nay-sayers”

Enforce the System

  • Ensure the system is part of performance management and staff are suitably incentivised.
  • Regardless of performance, non-compliance of the system needs to result in discipline or no commission.
  • KPI’s should be linked to the system

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