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Accelerate your business beyond a tough 2017 with 702 and CapeTalk

Putting 2017 behind us, as business owners it’s time to grow beyond! Beyond politics; beyond climate change, beyond technology, beyond exhaustion, beyond ambivalence, beyond all the excuses and causes of stress that 2017 offered us.

Increasingly at Aurik we are seeing, let’s call them SME’s (and I despise the acronym) from the USA and UK enter the SA market. They are emboldened by a number of things.

  1. Technology access today allows them to behave as big business but at a very low cost
  2. In their own markets, corporates fear them as do entrenched big businesses
  3. In the USA, they really do believe in MAGA. In the UK, they are terrified of being frozen out of Europe as a result of Brexit

They are coming. I am in the midst of negotiating 4 outright buys of business that we work with from 3 American and 1 British business. They want access into Africa and are further motivated by the removal of Mugabe and Zuma. The content that flowed from Davos’ WEF this year resonates with them and they want in on early-stage growth economies. They are different in many ways to the way we build business in SA. They favour first and foremost compliance with regulation and technology adoption. They bake these factors into their business design and development right up front. The scale and flexibility this offers them makes them fairly formidable.

We have to, as SA business catch up fast. We have to compete more aggressively since we are going to be competing with new competitors from abroad that we are unfamiliar with. We have to get on top of our games in relation to tech adoption, social relevance, environmental impact (irrespective what industry you are in there is a raft of legislation coming down the pipe). We have to start seeing our market opportunities as the world rather than a tiny local market. SA’s GDP contribution to the global GDP is about 0,4%!

For this reason, if you are an SME with an annual turnover below R200m, let’s work together to get ahead of this curve. Using the power of radio to reach the most influential business audience in Africa, let me work with you to position your business into that audience so that we can bolster your opportunities into both the local and international market. I can do this with you through Business Accelerators on Radio702 and CapeTalk. We talk, we then position your message to this audience, and we push for their backing and response including sales, funding, connections, talent and anything else that your business might need to get to the next level. In 5 minutes we can get your message out to over 1m people!

This year, 2 of the business owners that I work with to get this right will also come with me to GrowCo. It’s the world’s biggest SME growth event held in the USA. It runs over 3 days in New Orleans and we are going there to get connected, get established, and get insights and know-how and to do deals.

On a side note, the American SME’s I’m refereeing to have annual revenues under $100m; small in the greater scheme of things!

To apply to get on board, visit or

I hope to see you there!


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