Work with seasoned tech entrepreneurs to launch a disruptive app

If this is you, you could be in for an opportunity of a lifetime!

Are you a creative, innovative thought-starter? Are you a self-starter with great ideas and can sell ice to an Eskimo? Do you have more energy than a nuclear bomb and can use and harness it to build new ideas and turn talk into walk? an you sell yourself to a bunch of seasoned entrepreneurs to be part of their team as they are about to disrupt the media, retail and banking space with South Africa’s most exciting app? Are you a natural born hustler, a connector, an out-of-the box thinker who can turn ideas into action?

Apply here and now to win your place in a team of seasoned, trailblazing entrepreneurs busy building and launching SA’s most disruptive fintech app!

More on how it works...

We are working with a dynamic, seasoned team of entrepreneurs who are launching a new Fintech App. They are looking for individuals who are creative, can think out the box, can build a campaign that excites people to participate, and in doing so, can mostly get this done on their own without too much hand-holding. We want someone who likes to win and comes with super-charged batteries installed!!

Here is how it works...

  1. Your completed application will see you compete with other applicants.
  2. Should you be selected to be one of the ten semi-finalists, you will be invited to a briefing session where you will be given information on the application that has been developed.
  3. We will talk to you about how it can be used, who will benefit from it and how users will experience the app on their phones.
  4. You will be asked to develop a promotional campaign using the app and present the campaign to a board of 5 entrepreneurs.
  5. They will select the top 5 campaigns and those individuals will be given start-up funding to implement their campaigns.
  6. The best performing top 3 campaigns will win R15k, R10k, R5k respectively with the possibility of being offered a job in the tech start-up.

 Do you have what it takes? Complete the application form here.