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Aurik is growing in a no growth economy by investing in SMEs

Our growth is through the growth of the SMEs we work with and the new premises demonstrates our further investment in this sector. 


Building a pricing strategy

Building a pricing strategy to grow your business

“The pricing game is emotional”… this is how a tweet from a listener began, and he’s right. A challenge to your pricing feels personal, especially when you are in the early phase of your business growth cycle. But it never is. Pressure from a customer on your pricing might be real or part of the game in business. Figuring out which one it is and understanding the levers you must manage for your pricing are both science and art…. but mostly science. READ MORE

3 sales propositions

Three sales propositions to speed up deals in a tough economy

In today's tough economic environment it is taking longer and longer to close deals. To speed up this process, you need three clustered sales propositions:

1. Product value propositions

2. Mindset value propositions

3. Economic value propositions



How often have you heard the terms "Next-level growth" or "Getting to the next level" bandied about? It's become more business jargon. "Scale" is another word that has been reduced to jargon. In fact, scale is necessary for next level growth, but both terms need to be defined and unpacked to make them meaningful. And then you need to build your business in a certain way to enable scale, and real next-level growth. 


Start with the end in mind

Plans don’t always work out – that’s life. Starting a business is no different, especially when you need to work closely with another brand or business. You need to start with the end in mind and carefully consider who you tie your fortunes to. 


Our past determines our approach to the SA economy

Carl Jung said “We are trapped by the images of our past”. Meaning that our past experiences affect our perception of reality. We see this with the business owners that we work with everyday, across sectors and industries. Their approach to the South African economy is deeply rooted in their past experiences and we’ve identified three broad strategies that this leads business owners to adopt: Aggressive, defensive and passive. 

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Negotiating the family business deal

76% of family businesses don't survive through a second generation. It's a scary statistic and one that affects many private business owners, putting extra pressure on succession negotiations. 

Succession in a family business is either opportunity driven or obligatory. The difference between the two has a big impact on how a deal gets negotiated and done.  We explore negotiation points from the kids entering the business and counterarguments and negotiations from the parents bringing the kids in.


White Knights, Silver Bullets & False Prophets

The exhaustion of running a business can make us vulnerable to the allure of a cure-all solution. But if it sounds too good to be true - it usually is! Here we discuss White Knights, Silver Bullets & False Prophets, identifying five common types who promise to solve all of your business problems. Warning: these usually just end up costing you time, money & focus.

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