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Read Pavlo’s new book: Reset Rebuild Reignite

Aurik co-founder and business growth expert, Pavlo Phitidis, has released his second book, Reset Rebuild Reignite. Written during the Covid-19 lockdown, Pavlo draws on extensive experience across a wide range of industries, is the founder of multiple businesses,  an investor, a speaker and a respected commentator on entrepreneurial and business growth and innovation. In Reset,…

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Now is the perfect time to build an international business out of SA

Covid-19 has brought together 7 elements that Pavlo Phitidis says create the perfect opportunity for mid-size South African businesses to take advantage of, to service markets beyond our borders. Listen to his discussion about this on The Money Show on 702 & CapeTalk: Resilience We have a resilience in South Africa that comes from years…


Three levers of change re-shaping the future – and how to get your business ahead of the change

  Covid has certainly fundamentally changed the environment we live and operate in, but before and beyond Covid there are three major trends that remain relevant. As a business owner you need to understand these, and develop an approach to your business that is likely to position it as relevant to the future. The noise…


Webinar: How to digitise your business for a social distancing world

Things will not go back to the way that they were, even after the lockdown ends. For businesses operating in this new reality, it’s no longer a choice, you have to digitise. Pavlo Phitidis hosted a 60 minute webinar in which he unpacked practical, actionable insights to understand: What the future looks like for your…

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Practical, action driven content to grow your established business

Pavlo Phitidis from Aurik will share solutions-based content to help businesses in the R15million to R300million annual turnover bracket to accelerate growth and deepen value. This content can be accessed via the weekly Ince Connect Business newsletter. Watch him describe, in 1 minute, who should follow his content and why.