Asset of Value

Insights from Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods to build our own businesses

By Pavlo Phitidis  

Online digital retailer, Amazon spent $13. 7 billion to buy 401 brick-and-mortar Wholefoods grocery stores! Why? Has Amazon lost faith in its business model because it doesn’t make any money? Or, is there a bigger plan at play? What can we take out of this to build our own business better, faster and smarter! This week, on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, on Radio 702 and Cape Talk interrogated and diagnosed the take-outs that we can apply to grow our business faster and smarter.

Kushesh Express, achieving rapid growth in a competitive environment

Kushesh loosely translates to “very quick” and is a fitting name for courier company Kushesh Trading, which services the distribution needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Its passion and pride for the quality of service that it provides has helped it become one of the fastest-growing courier companies in South Africa.

Pitching your business successfully to any audience

By Pavlo Phitidis

Any business owner, anytime and always has learnt that you have to constantly be pitching your business. Whether it’s to possible investors, customers or collaborators, you and your team will pitch your business every day, and to multiple audiences. Getting your pitch right, throughout all levels of your business, is vital. A poor pitch erodes credibility, trust and faith.

Selecting & securing profitable customers

By Pavlo Phitidis

Knowing how to focus your sales efforts on the most profitable customers can accelerate the growth of your business exponentially. It is a critical exercise because, with limited resources on hand, you need to focus your efforts, to maximise your impact and build your business’ momentum. On this week’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we outlined a useful technique for positioning your business:

The Asset of Value Strategy Series

Welcome to the Asset of Value Series. As part of the Nedbank Business Accelerator Campaign with 702 this year, our CEO Pavlo Phitidis, had the opportunity of producing a podcast series to help successful, established entrepreneurs get to the next level. We do this by giving business owners like yourself the opportunity to share your stories and insights, and in turn, we work with you as the business owner to drive key changes necessary to accelerate your business. In the Asset of value series, we explore your journey to building your business into an Asset of Value. 

The Four Serial Killers of Every Business

By Pavlo Phitidis 

It may seem a somewhat macabre analogy, but the four serial killers that threaten your business are, most often, not knocking on your window at midnight. Instead, they come from within your business. Serial killers have a particular attitude and behave in a certain way. We considered these four serial killers on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield:

Think big with an Asset of Value framework

Thinking and building big right from the start with an Asset of Value framework, enabled Atomic Oil to achieve a R60m valuation in only its 6th year of doing business. Being a new player in a traditional and well established industry, Atomic Oil were enabled through its agility to be able to take a different approach and establish for itself a beachhead in the market. It made use of cutting edge technology to build and establish itself and this subsequently led to the collapse of some of the traditional players business models. With the ability to out-compete the dominant players by providing a faster, more consistent, reliable service at a fraction of the competitors cost, Atomic Oil has cannibalized its competitors business, dominating the oil analysis market today in 2017.

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