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A Business Strategy to Turn a Dreadful Year into a Success

This year has been tough for everyone, and there are just 12 weeks left before world of business winds up for 2017. There is, however, still time to accelerate your sales efforts and grow your business before the year ends. OnThe Money Show with Bruce Whitfield,we outlined an effective business strategy that helps entrepreneurs fast-track their way to success, before the year ends:

How changing the way you look at customers creates the opportunity to build a scalable business

By Pavlo Phitidis

Ultimately, the way you look at the world is the way that the world will turn out to be for you. Just as perspective drives experience, how you define your customer will drive the growth of your business. It’s an incredibly difficult, but highly critical, task that many business owners get wrong – they focus on their product and service, rather than solving their customers’ problems. Defining your customer correctly is critical, if you want to build a scalable business. On this week’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we outlined the five things you must get right:

How to Turn a Struggling Business Around

By Pavlo Phitidis 

Turning a struggling business around isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. Currently, many businesses are implementing turn-around strategies to revive ailing operations, or increase their attractiveness to customers. If you’re facing a dead-end in your growing business, on The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we considered ways you can turn your business around:

Start your Strategic Planning for 2018

2017 has been a rough year, for everyone. At every level, corruption has put paid to so much, and the dismal economic growth has left us all feeling angry and frustrated. Yet somehow, small businesses in South Africa have mostly grown. Rather than pulling a Hulk smash, or simply setting your ‘Out of Office’ message on, channel the anger and frustrated energy you’re feeling into something good, that’ll pay off next year. You should have started your strategic planning for 2018 by now but, if you haven’t yet begun, we outlined a way for you pour that energy into something positive, on this week’sThe Money Show with Bruce Whitfield. Set your business up for a good year in 2018, with a strategic plan that responds to your experience of 2017. Here’s your checklist:

Strategies for Business Growth that Go Beyond a Blind Belief in Brand Value

No business is ‘too big to fail’. Blind idealism didn’t work out well for Kodak, and now another iconic brand is filing for bankruptcy:Gibson. The guitar brand used by Bob Marley, Billy Joe Armstrong, Mick Jones, Slash, and a host of other superstars, is on the rocks. What went wrong and why did the turnaround strategy fail so horribly? On this week’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo Phitidis takes us through the way this brand is going bust, and outlines essential strategies for business growth:

Turning the talk of your Business Strategy into the Walk of Execution and Results

In recent meetings with frustrated business owners, Pavlo Phitidis picked up on a significant trend – a high level of complaints around getting to the implementation stage of great business strategy. While the big ideas and the talk of business strategy seems easier to do, the walk of action and executing on those ideas is a struggle. On The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo outlines the obstacles that could be holding you back as a business owner, and how to overcome them:

What is your business building approach to 2019: Chose one of 3 strategies

2018 has been an exhausting year. Taking time off is important, so long as you don’t break the momentum of your business. Start the new year with an invigorated perspective, clarity, and confidence, and spend some of your holiday defining your 2019 business strategy. It starts with making the right decisions for your business. On The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo Phitidis shows you how: