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Turning a sweet start into a smart start: Making money from honey with your start up business

What happens when your small side business suddenly shows a whole bunch of potential? How do you turn a hobby into the startup business of your dreams? On The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo Phitidis chats to the founder of Honey & Co, who is facing this unique set of circumstances in their business journey and outlines the all-important questions you need to ask of yourself:

Turning the talk of your Business Strategy into the Walk of Execution and Results

In recent meetings with frustrated business owners, Pavlo Phitidis picked up on a significant trend – a high level of complaints around getting to the implementation stage of great business strategy. While the big ideas and the talk of business strategy seems easier to do, the walk of action and executing on those ideas is a struggle. On The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo outlines the obstacles that could be holding you back as a business owner, and how to overcome them:

Understanding Risk in an Automating world

In this show Pavlo and Bruce chatted about how the world we are living in is changing dramatically. More and more is being automated. Listen to the full show here.

We are living in a world that is accelerating faster than most of us can keep up. As an entrepreneur and business owner, forewarned is forearmed.

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What Entrepreneurial Opportunities Await in 2018?

The tumultuous events of 2017 have already shaped the entrepreneurial opportunities for 2018. The innovators respond first, and then the thinkers and actors catch on. Soon thereafter, the early adopters are hopping on and, before you know it, the legislators and regulators are taking notice. Look at cryptocurrencies as an example! Big businesses, bound by bureaucracy and legacy systems, too much comfort and layers of fragmented communication mostly follow last. And, of course, these waves of incredible change are propelled by our always-on, instant media universe that has become an essential part of our daily lives. Set yourself up to be one of the first to act on entrepreneurial opportunities that arise in 2018, and you’ll have a winning business in your sector by the end of the year. On this week’s The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, we considered four big trends from 2017, and the momentum behind them:

What is your business building approach to 2019: Chose one of 3 strategies

2018 has been an exhausting year. Taking time off is important, so long as you don’t break the momentum of your business. Start the new year with an invigorated perspective, clarity, and confidence, and spend some of your holiday defining your 2019 business strategy. It starts with making the right decisions for your business. On The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo Phitidis shows you how:

What to do when you’ve made the wrong investment for business growth

Earlier this week, the South African Minister of Finance presented the Medium-term Budget, and the news was somewhat disheartening. Government’s plan to dispose of some of its well-performing shares in Telkom, to offset its recapitalisation of South African Airways and the South African Post Office, is just bad planning. It’s akin to avid entrepreneurs who believe wholeheartedly in their business, but can’t let go of investing time and money into a bad idea, no matter the consequences. Time and money are finite resources, and pouring them into a bad investment can destroy your business. On this week’sThe Money Show, we looked at how you can hit the brakes on a bad investment and start making the right type of investment for business growth:

Why Collaboration is a Critical Skill for Every Business Owner

We’ve entered the age of collaboration. Despite current events, like BREXIT, that showcase the opposite, collaboration remains an important tool for business success. Getting it right is critical. Effective collaboration can accelerate your business growth and building an Asset of Value. On The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo Phitidis set down a plan for business owners to develop effective collaboration skills and strategies:

Why, When and How to Sell your Business.

Every business only has two destinations: it closes, or you successfully sell it. Globally, however, 94.6% of all businesses that begin, never get sold. This is tragic for business owners, because they pour their life, energy, and attention into a building a business that should serve them and offer them financial security. But why would you sell your business, and when is the right time to do so? On The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, Pavlo Phitidis outlined a plan for how to sell your business: