Finding and winning new customers

Customers are the most important people in our businesses. But how do we find and retain customers to ensure growth and sustainability of our business? We have worked with numerous businesses to do exactly this:

In Martin’s 14-year career he'd built solid relationships and networks that encouraged him to go on his own and start a business. These relationships formed his first clients and the business grew impressively for the next 7 years. He then hit a ceiling. He needed new markets and new customers, but he had no relationships in these markets.

Working with Aurik, Martin was able to build out marketing and sales systems that stretched into new markets. In addition, he found the right people to deploy the systems that today have seen his business enjoy a revenue spread across 3 new segments with a further 2 under development. The growth in sales, reduction in revenue risk and systematised approach helped Martin build a selling system instead of his original relationship system.

This business had one great corporate client that took care of 68% of turnover. Jeffrey knew he shouldn’t be so reliant on this customer but no matter what he did he couldn’t extract himself from the demands of the customer.

Working with Aurik, Jeffrey completed an extensive market evaluation, customer development and promotional plan to reach and secure new customers. Today that corporate client makes up less than 10% of revenue.