Maximise the value of your business

Working with business owners, we  show them the difference between viewing your business as a revenue generator, month to month, and an Asset of Value™, which serves to secure their, and their family’s future. These are some of the problems we’ve worked with to increase value in a business:

Ash’s business thrived on a strong currency. The ongoing uncertainty generated by socio-political and economic business environment was hindering Ash’s ability to plan effectively. In addition, his leadership team lacked the temperament to adapt.

Working with Aurik, new objectives were set that focused on definitive customer needs. The production and manufacturing capability was bolstered by strong systems which gave Ash and his leadership team more time to face challenges together and react more quickly.

The business became robust but agile - faster decision making and quicker processes meant that changes could be dealt with easily whilst always remaining relevant to their customer in a changing market environment.

After nearly 20 years in the business, the owner wanted to sell. He knew he had a good business but there were limited offers and those that he received were far lower than he wanted.
He recognised his business had not been built to sell. Working with Aurik, he implemented systems of delivery across all areas of the business and ensured that he positioned his customer offering to differentiate it from his competitors. By doing this he made sure that his business was driven by commercial systems and not by him.

In only a couple of years, he had his pick of buyers at a price that secured his future.