What we offer?

We provide customised business growth programmes geared towards getting your business to the next level with the aim of building it into an Asset of Value. No business owner or business is the same. When we work with you to build your business we do so based on your unique circumstances and resources. This makes our journey with you, personal, relevant and impactful. Contact us here to see how we can assist you.




We conduct extensive diagnostics
of your business
Set goals

Set goals

Set growth and other
strategic goals
Create Scale

Create Scale

Implement systems of delivery
to establish and reinforce
a solid foundation


Accelerate growth and profitability
while working ‘on’ your business
not ‘in’ your business

How we work with you?

At Aurik, we use a unique coaching, mentoring and face-to-face engagement process called facilitation. Building a business is artisanal not academic. For this reason, our facilitation is specific to your business, practical and directed towards building an Asset of Value.

Accelerating the growth of your business is made possible by a well thought-out strategy and a practical path of action, supported by good business systems and smart deal-making structures.

We begin with diagnostics on your business. We then set goals. Then we work with you to achieve your goals and build your business into an Asset of Value. Our approach gives you the time to focus on growth and on taking your business to the next level.

Why you should work with us

All our work with you is face-to-face. It’s practical, it’s action-oriented and it works. It’s not academic. Our approach comes from having started and sold 12 businesses. Two listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, two failed and the remaining eight were sold through management buy-outs and sales to corporate buyers.

The process of establishing, stabilising and accelerating growth to build Assets of Value comes from our direct experience and from having worked with many, many entrepreneurs. Read more about our results and some of the challenges entrepreneurs faced here.

Who we work best with

We work with established business owners across most sectors who want to build their business into an Asset of Value. We work best with businesses that have moved beyond start-up and are generating annual revenues from R8-million up to R200-million.


Aurik does not take equity in your business. We create a fee-based success driven structure that is suited to you and your business’s capability.

  • "We are taking our eye-wear and timepieces into New York in two weeks time thanks to Aurik."

    David Green

  • "Aurik helped me think beyond the conventional ways of doing things."

    CyberCharge Corporation

  • "We came to Aurik with six figure revenues and 9 staff. Two years later, we are approaching R50m revenues with 48 staff on book."

    African Shopping Network

  • "Aurik provided strong strategic goals, amazing ideas and great insight on diversifying and risk-managing our business in a difficult industry."


  • "Aurik has had an important and positive impact on me personally and on my business."

    Vaalridge Auto

  • "I learned so much about how to increase my sales and about my customers’ behaviour."

    Vuki Chuene Tourism

  • "The Aurik facilitator was great and 100% understandable."

    SpiderWebb Altitude Systems

  • "Aurik gave me valuable insight and business ideas for systems that will improve our business."

    Retrolex Fork Lifts

  • "I am extremely excited as I have clear direction on what is important."

    Lift and Shift

  • "A jaw-dropping result that has us super excited. A truly fun experience as I learned how to build my business as an Asset of Value."

    Harvey World Travel Nelspruit